Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I switch plans?


We will automatically adjust your Plan each month based on the size of your database.


How long is my Trial Account valid for?


Your free trial runs for 30 days and you may send up to 200 emails. After this period you must contact us to Activate your account.


How many eMails can I send if I have a Trial Account?


Free Trial Accounts are limited to 200 emails per months and are capped at 10 emails per send.


How much does it cost?


Monthly costs start at $30 AUS based on the peak size of your database in that month. eMail send costs start at 4 cents per email and go down to 1 cents for  > 10,000 emails. See Pricing Schedule for more details.


I am not in Australia. Can I still use eMail Campaigner?


Yes, eMail Campaigner accepts customers from all over the world. Please note that prices are in Australian dollars and when our bank processes the transaction on your credit card the current exchange rate will be used.


I have not paid my account. What happens?


If your credit card payment can not be processed your account will be made inactive. If your account is inactive for more than 90 days, your database and account details will be deleted.


Once I activate my account, how long am I locked in for?


There is no lock in period. If you cancel your account, you will only have to pay for the last month of your account.


What are the payment arrangements?


When your account is activated we take a holding bond of $100 dollars as security against fraud on your email campaigner account and this will be credited towards your outstanding balance.

At the beginning of each month you will receive an invoice for the previous month and payment will be obtained from your credit card. If payment is not obtained the e-Mail Campaigner account will be deactivated.