Increase Your Message Deliverability

The system has been designed to help maximise your online marketing and communication requirements.

Part of maximising your efforts is to ensure each message has the greatest chance of being delivered to your intended recipients.

The following sections outline how the System can help improve your message delivery:

Avoid SPAM filters

When sending more than a handful of emails through applications such as Outlook or Lotus Notes, business typically use the To, Cc (Carbon Copy) or Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) function. Unfortunately, as the sender is using email address for both the From and To fields in the email, certain Spam filters register these emails as Spam.

For Example: From: To: where the actual recipients are ‘hidden’ as Blind Carbon Copies.

Using the To or Cc function also exposes your recipient list to every other recipient. This practice is not recommended and may infringe on privacy legislation.

The System sends your emails directly to each recipients personal email address, without the need for a Cc or Bcc function, avoiding spam filters while protecting the privacy of your recipients.

Free Your Network and Inbox

If you send out 5,000 emails and 500 emails bounce, you will receive 500 emails back to your computer as bounce messages.

These bounced emails can clog up your network and take an enormous amount of your time to update and/or delete.

The System has been designed to monitor and manage all bounced email addresses, completely eliminating the negative effect on your network and Inbox.

The System also enables you to effectively manage all undelivered emails making it easy to remove or correct invalid email addresses and resend as required.

Avoid Disconnection

Many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have an acceptable use policy which limits the number of emails you can send at any one time. As with the example above, ISP’s also dislike having to receive and re-distribute (typically to your inbox) 500 bounce backs.

We have had a commercial grade licence which allows us to deliver large volumes of messages on your behalf. When using the System you no longer have to worry about being disconnected or being reported as a spammer by your ISP.

Dedicated Delivery Infrastructure

All the system emails are delivered through high performance servers.

Their infrastructure ensures your emails are sent from reputable sources increasing the chance of your message reaching your intended recipients.

Minimise the Chances of Blacklisting

Blacklisting is what occurs when your IP address or other identifying email content is blocked by receiving ISPs. This means that any future mailings to recipients who subscribe via that ISP will not receive your messages.

Due to the System’s static location on the internet, emails sent via our systems are normally regarded as legitimate.

When sending direct from a Cable, ADSL or dialup connection, you are typically sending from a dynamic location (IP address). That is each time you log onto the internet your IP address may have changed.

ISP’s are cautious of dynamic IP addresses, some of which may have previously been used by spammers. This increases the likelihood of you messages being blocked by these IPSs.

Optimised Email Construction

We have optimised the construction of HTML formatted emails and their ‘hidden’ email content. This ensures your email is both displayed as intended and has the best chance of being delivered.

Hidden email content exists in every email and is what the ‘talks’ to ISPs enabling the ISP to, among other things, determine whether the email is legitimate or not.
HTML emails which are constructed using third party software applications, such as Dreamweaver, often conflict with email applications such as Outlook and do not display correctly, or at all.

The System helps you easily create well formatted HTML emails with our unique click and replace wizard.